Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Elevator Pitch

If one were to find oneself in an elevator with someone that could help us with our Internet connectivity speed dilema then the following talking points are just what you would need:
  • Our Internet speeds are atrocious with downloads running at less than 2Mbps making it impossible to do many things that others on the Internet take for granted (like streaming a movie or making a video call with Skype).
  • Nearly 80% of Temple residents have now used the SFB website to register their interest in improving Internet speeds for our village.
  • Superfast Berkshire (SFB) has solicited bids for Phase II of improvements for Internet speeds with proposals coming in the Spring and a decision thereafter. 
  • We are hoping to be prioritized for a solution given that our speeds are below 2Mbps which was the first of two goals set out by SFB. 
  • Local influence is particularly important in getting us prioritized as Phase II includes £326K of funding for Windsor & Maidenhead with half of that provided by the council and the other half being matching funds from SFB. 
  • There is a chance that Temple might not be included in a vendor bid in which case we could still get relief by having the phone cabinet that supports us upgraded under the contract that already exists between SFB and BT Openreach but using the new funding. 
Note that the last point is crucial in my mind as I fear we will be too small to capture vendor attention for a bid on our behalf.

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