Thursday, July 16, 2015

Follow-up on the Announcement

I have reached out to both Superfast Berkshire and to Call Flow in the hopes of understanding a little more about what is going on relative to our upgrade.  Nothing back from SFB but the Call Flow folks did confirm that my predictions of a speed increase to 10-14Mbps was "broadly correct".

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Just got a note from  Councilor Kellaway informing me that Cabinet P9 from the Littlewick Green Exchange is being upgraded to FTTC as part of the Phase II rollout for SuperFast Broadband!

Activism helped and I think that having Councilor Kellaway interested may well have helped push the peanut across the line.

The work will start this month with planning and is expected to be completed mid-2016.   That is the good news.  The bad news is that we do not know much more than that at this point.  We don't know if our existing providers will be offering the improved service and we don't know how fast that service will be though my prediction, as documented here, is for speeds in the range of 10-12Mbps.

Stay tuned for more to come.