Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update for the Bisham Life Newsletter

Below is the text for an article that I have submitted for inclusion in the Bisham Life (new name for the Bisham Parish newsletter).  I suspect that it will get cut down for publishing but here is the full text.
Temple is finally going to be on the Superfast Internet!  Our Internet speeds are some of the worst in the country at 1-3Mbps.  This is due to our being located so far away from the exchange that provides our phone and Internet services (located in Littlewick Green).  Further, the cabinet that connects us to our exchange, located near the roundabout to Henley from the A404, was deemed to not be economically viable for an upgrade by British Telecom.
Unfortunately, Temple was also left out of a 2011 government program to improve Internet connectivity for areas like ours.  Just last year, however, RBMW allocated funds to provide upgrades for areas of the Borough struggling like ours.  Temple residents rallied around the cause to broadcast our interest, and with the help of our council​l​or Richard Kellaway, Temple has now been included in the next wave of rollouts for a faster Internet service.
The contract for the upgrade has gone to a company named Call Flow who have done similar work in other counties and the upgrade should be complete by the middle of this year.  There are still a lot of unknowns.   Speeds from 10 to 15Mpbs might be possible.  We don't know what providers will offer the new service though we expect that Call Flow will do so at a minimum.  The higher speed service will cost more than our current service but we will not see a rate structure until nearer the time.
There are a lot of unknowns but this is still very good news for Temple! 
Note that if you are happy with your current connection then you don't need to do anything and nothing will change for either your costs or service!.
More information and any current updates can be found at

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