Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting Closer but Still Nothing Concrete

Communications with Call Flow Solutions and with Superfast Berkshire continue to indicate that we will have a solution this summer with September as a hoped for latest date.  The exact nature of the solution is not yet known as Call Flow are looking at options.  One option would apparently put a "box" of some sort in Temple that would potentially give people connected to that box true super fast speeds of 30mbps.  

The architecture that we end up with will depend on costs, of course, approvals from BT Openreach, and the technical architecture of the copper that feed Temple from Cabinet 9.  Cabinet 9, by the way, now has a FTTC cabinet located near it that has been implemented as part of this project.  My understanding is that traditional FTTC service will be offered to residences in Burchetts Green that are close to this cabinet potentially quite soon.

So it is still wait and see...but it is getting closer.

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