Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Not so Happy News

Below is an update from Openreach in regards to their efforts to get fibre to our new cabinets.

Unfortunately they have hit issues with both of the paths they can run along.  There is a blockage in the conduit in the first case and in the second the landowner along Temple Lane is asking for more compensation than Openreach are willing to offer (presumably because the other route would be less expensive even with all the extra works required).   Here is the text of the update from Andy Hudson of Openreach.

Will, Roger

With reference to the installation for Call Flow Solutions to serve your community.

I know you are eagerly awaiting the delivery of your solution and I thought I would provide you with an update.  This is more detail than we would usually provide but in the interest of good community relations I am happy to keep you informed.  Our customer for the solution is Call Flow Solutions and I have asked that they too get the same update too via their commercial team on copy.

The route via the farmers’ fields seems unlikely to progress as the farmer is seeking higher levels of compensation than we would support.  I do not have the details but our planning and wayleaves team are continuing to see if they can secure this option with the landowner. Helen Monroe on our side is leading this element and has everyone’s details following the site meeting.

The route down the road with the existing duct has a section that is not passable and requires replacing.  This necessitates building a joint box in the road or verge and laying new duct with a road closure.  This is being planned and the necessary permits and applications prepared.  I will inform you when we get traffic permit dates back.

We have applied for lane closures on the A404 to access our boxes along the main route as all the boxes are manholes in the main carriageway.

We will continue to complete or attempt as much work as is possible in parallel.

I should have some information or road closure dates etc within a week and I will drop you a note when I have more details.



The net impact of the above is a delay of anywhere from a couple weeks to several months (or more based on our record so far with this project).

I am hoping that someone in our community knows Mr. Randall well enough to reach out to him on behalf of the village.  It would be nice to know that he is aware that this project is not being driven by profitability for BT but by the government on behalf of his neighbors who campaigned relentlessly for a year to get it approved!

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