Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Latest - Another Delay ... Go Figure

As our luck may have it, mostly bad that is, the conduit between the top of the lane at the 404 and our cabinets down here in the village is not passable and 200 meters of new conduit will need to be installed.  This will require a closure of the Brandenham Lane and that has been requested by the contractor that will do the work for Openreach.  The standard for such requests would be that our closure would be granted for some time three months from now.

This would, obviously, be painful as the original promise date for our improved service was a year ago this coming June!  This is the worst case though.  The contractor has requested an expedited closure.  If that fails then Andy Hudson will make the request through a more senior channel.  His hope is that we could still get the closure we need in the next couple of weeks.

This is where having a second route being worked in parallel may have helped us in regards to timings.

Stay tuned.

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