Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sales Literature on Call Flow FTTC Broadband

How is the service supplied? 

The broadband service is supplied by our newly built green street cabinet which is connected by fibre back to the exchange. From our cabinet to your house the connection is made by the copper phone line. This is the only point where the broadband speed will start to reduce in strength. So far everyone who has gone live on the cabinet is able to get download speeds of at least 70 mbps! People closest to the cabinet are getting over 100 mbps.

How long does the process take? 

This is all dependent on the status of your phone line and who your phone services are currently provided with. In order to give you a proper lead me you would need to call us up and we would check for you. Generally it is a 10 working day lead me for the broadband to change over to us.

What Equipment do you provide us with? 

All of our work is carried out external to the property when we take over the phone line and broadband services. What we do provide you with however is a new router to use with our service. This will be shipped out once we have received a date for your rst service to swap over to us. Delivery normally takes 2-3 working days.

Do I need to cancel my existing services? 

No, as we are taking over services already on the phone line we notify your existing suppliers for you when we take over each service. Your current provider will then in turn contact you to tell you that you will be losing that service on a certain date. This date will normally always be a/er our service has gone live.

If I transfer my line rental and calls to Call Flow, do I still need to pay anything to my current provider? 

The only thing you would need to pay is any cancellation fees you may have in your contract with your current provider. We would transfer your line for your current provider and they would be noed of this, therefore you will not need to cancel your contract as they will do this when we notify them of the line change.

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