Thursday, November 6, 2014

Registration Progress

We have made some progress in getting registrations on the Superfast Berkshire website.  We are currently showing 71% (up from 53%) of the residences within Temple as having registered:

SL71SA - Temple Lane 32 18 56%
SL71SG - Island Left 23 18 78%
SL71SQ - Island Right 39 31 79%
SL71SB - Bradenham Lane 4 3 75%

98 70 71%

As you can see from the above the Island and Bradenham lane are doing particularly well though Temple Lane is lagging a little.

If this is important to you, and I suspect that it is if you are reading this, then ask your neighbors if they have registered!   Remind them that there is no obilgation

Also, if you have not sent a letter to our councilors in the Borough, then please consider doing so?

One of the residents that I talked to recently noted that prospective buyers of properties in Temple may well be young successful professionals.   These are the very type of buyers that would see our Internet connectivity as a negative in their buying decision.

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