Sunday, November 9, 2014

Speed Impact of a Cabinet Upgrade

The Cabinet that serves Temple is still quite a distance from us but is closer than our Exchange (Littlewick Green).   If our cabinet were upgraded to Fibre the speed that we would get would then be dependent on our distance from the Cabinet rather than the Exchange.

Figure 1, the BT Broadband availability checker, indicates a speed of 1 to 3.5Mpbs for our residence.  In reality we get a little less than 3Mpbs and we are located where the BT lines come into Temple so our speed is probably about as good as it gets.  

Figure 1
Figure 2 shows a prediction of speed versus distance for traditional ADSL which is what we have now.   A speed range of 1 to 3.5Mpbs indicates a distance from the Exchange of between 4.3 and 5 kilometers.

Figure 2
Figure 3 shows a possible route for the copper lines that connect us to the Exchange.  This is probably reasonably accurate as the distance corresponds with the speed estimates from above.   The total distance is 4.35km and the distance from Temple to the Roundabout for Henley is about 2.25km.
Figure 3
Finally, Figure 4 shows an estimate of the speed we would get using VDSL2 which is the technology that would connect us to our cabinet if it were upgraded to Fibre.   A rough estimate would be a speed in the range of 10 to 14Mpbs.   Note that this is only my rough estimate!!!   

Figure 4
A big improvement!   Not quite what our friends in Hurley get with a cabinet right there but still a BIG improvement!

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