Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another Update - Getting Closer?

Here is the text of the latest update from Superfast Berkshire:

I have now spoken with Call Flow’s PM to get an update for the Temple area.

The plan remains unchanged, with an additional cabinet (both BT telephone cabinet and Call Flow fibre cabinet being installed as an ‘extension’ to cabinet 9).

There have been some challenges in running the fibre connections between the two areas that has caused Call Flow to review the planned route and seek potential alternatives. There are some local discussions underway to review / evaluate the options (one involving the telegraph pole) and then once these have concluded they will be able to continue with the installation subject to any agreement with Highways at RBWM. Until Call Flow have completed this evaluation, I will not know the impact and any potential delay (if any).

Bringing superfast broadband to Temple is not at risk, its just needs to overcome a couple of challenges. Something that Call Flow have proved to be very good at handling.
I can update you further when we have a resolution with any impact on timescales.
Best Regards
Colin Batchelor
Superfast Berkshire - Project Manager

We have also been in contact with Call Flow Solutions and they are suggesting a go-live in December.  Obviously a delay is not what we wanted to hear but if they are putting a cabinet in Temple we will benefit with truly fast broadband.  Note that subsequent to the above message I received another one from Colin with a hope that Call Flow Solutions might be able to do better than December.   We will see.

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