Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another Update - Another Delay

I guess there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that a cabinet has been installed just off Temple Lane to serve the community.   The bad news is the content of the below communications received from Call Flow:

The latest update I have is that while Openreach have erected a new cabinet that will enable the works, they have also advised that they are struggling to get the cables connected into the cabinet, as some older ones need replacing to comply with their planning rules. We have this escalated to senior levels within Openreach, and are awaiting them to confirm when the required cabling works will be completed. Until Openreach have completed these works, we are unable to move the project forward.  We have opened discussions with all relevant landowners for preferred placement of our equipment, which are encouraging but not committed. Until Openreach have completed their side of the works, we are unable to commit to the preferred wayleaves.
Unfortunately we are still currently reliant on Openreach to confirm when these works, and the overall project will be concluded. At this point in time we would hope that it will still be before the end of the year.

So once again our upgrade is in the hands of Openreach who, as best I can tell, have been the primary reason behind delays from the original promise date of June, to September, then to December, and now to who know when.  I know that the above says that there is still a "hope" for December but I am finding that to be a little optimistic based on performance to date.

The other element of the update from Call Flow that bothers me is the reference to Call Flow not being able to complete the work on connecting out cabinet to the network until Openreach has done their work.  Why not do this in parallel to Openreach's work so we can be connected sooner than will otherwise be the case?

In any case, the bigger issue is Openreach and I feel as though it might be time to reach out to our counselor and to the office of our MP to ask for their support in putting some pressure on them.   My strategy would be to write a letter to the CEO of Openreach with copies to the offices of our elected representatives.  I would then forward their copies under a cover letter asking if they could support our request for priority from Openreach.  

I have no idea if the above will be effective or if I am being Don Quixote but at this point I feel that anything is worth an effort.   I am waiting to hear a status from Superfast Berkshire prior to writing these letters.  It would be nice to know where we stood in the queue with Openreach.

An editorial note.  It might also be nice if Openreach were its own corporate entity as opposed to part of the monstrosity that is BT.  A company that is supposed to be providing open service for the network that is shared by all network providers while being owned by the largest player does not seem to be in the public's interest for competitive fair play.

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