Thursday, October 27, 2016

Possible Reason for a Wiring Upgrade

Got a note from a resident asking for a status update and since I had not heard from Superfast Berkshire in almost two weeks I pinged them with a reminder.  They said they had been away but would ask Call Flow for an update, hopefully by the end of the week.

While I had our situation on my mind I came up with a reason that an upgrade to some aluminum wires might be needed for our service.  My assumption has been that our new cabinet would be fed by fibre run from either the exchange (unlikely) or from our old cabinet or actually its new FTTC partner.  When the decision to have the last mile of our connection go over the radio I still assumed that the transmit side would be fed by fibre. 

I wonder now if this is the case.  In this picture  #1 is our exchange, #2 is our current cabinet, #3 is where our new cabinet has been placed, and #4 is about where our high speed connection will feed from (assuming an RF antenna), #5 is where the aluminum wiring is being upgraded, and #6 is one possible place where an RF antenna might feed us.  I am wondering now if our connection will be conventional circuits from the FTTC at our old cabinet, down to the golf course on newly upgraded copper, aggregated there and then transmitted to us.  In this case it is easy to see a justification for copper over aluminum.


  1. I think that it is a good idea to update the copper wiring to the aluminum ones. Even though that might appear like it is not that great a distance to cover, you have to play it safe because it will be easier to do the grunt work today than have to come back at a later time when everyone is finding issues with their broadband.

  2. I would absolutely agree...if the copper upgrade was being done between the high speed end point and our residences...but it was being done far upstream of us. I think this is water under the bridge though as progress is being made on getting us the direct fibre to our DSLAM cabinet (as opposed to the RF solution that had been explored at some point).