Monday, July 21, 2014

Broadband Topology and Speeds

The  map and the below charts illustrate the broadband topology and speeds for our area.  

It is obvious from the map that Temple has been badly done to especially compared to our two closest neighbors! I am told this will never change but if we could have the option of connecting to the same cabinet as either Bisham or Hurley (!!!) it seems that our situation would be MUCH improved.

Update of 5/8/2014:  Not that we would ever be able to connect to another exchange but even if we could some further research into speeds predicted for homes just north of us in Bisham leads me to conclude that we would not profit from being connected to their cabinet.  I am not exactly sure where their cabinet is located but I suspect it is pretty far north.   I could be completely wrong but it does not really matter given BT policy and, frankly, likely costs for any interconnect.

Bisham on the Marlow Exchange - Cabinet 19 and getting 10-25Mpbs

Temple on the Littlewick Green  Exchange - Cabinet 9 and getting 1-3.5Mpbs

Hurley on the Littlewick Green  Exchange - Cabinet 7 and getting 29-60Mpbs

Burchetts Green on the Littlewick Green  Exchange - Cabinet 9 and getting 4.5-11.5Mpbs

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