Sunday, July 20, 2014

Template Letter to RBWM Councilor (or to MP May)

Dear Sir,
My wife and I live in Temple near Marlow and we are quite concerned about the extremely slow speed of our Internet connection.   The speeds we get range from 1Mbps to 2.5Mpbs with the higher speeds only being on a good day.   These speeds make it all but impossible to use the Internet for purposes such as using Skype for video calls or the streaming of video.  In some cases it makes it difficult or impossible to work from home., the standard for testing Internet Speeds, rates gives us an "F" mark compared to the rest of the UK where average speeds are nearly ten times what we have in Temple.

Until recently we were hoping that this was a temporary issue given an expected arrival of high speed Fibre broadband (e.g. Infinity from BT).   Unfortunately we have recently learned that an upgrade of our cabinet is deemed as uneconomic by BT Openreach.  Given this we will not be connected to the high speed network without help from government funding.  I have further learned that the cabinet that serves us (Cabinet 9 from the Littlewick Green Exchange) is not even in the queue for future government funding.     

There is a chance that we might be included in further rollouts as the government hopes to hit the 95% coverage target by 2017 but this will not be a certainty without action.

There are one hundred homes in our village that are being left off of the internet super highway.   This is not only impacting our day to day life but we fear it could have a negative impact on our home values as good Internet connectivity has now become a buyer criteria.

Anything that you can do to help us gain funding from the BDUK program would be greatly appreciated.   Since there is additional funding being allocated by Berkshire, with some assigned directly to our Burough, your support for Temple is critical!


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