Sunday, July 20, 2014

Working with SuperFastBerkshire

Questions pending Colin's return to the office:

First, when will decision making happen for the next round, and then, when would the changes for that round be implemented?

Second, can you tell me why our cabinet has not been included in funding to date?   Is it because of a paucity of registrations and if so how many would it take to help us to influence the next round.

Third, can you tell me where
Marlow Cabinet 19, that serves our neighboring village Bisham, is located?

Fourth, we have come to understand, via a conversation with someone at BT, that our cabinet is at the intersection of Henley Road and Hurley High Street.   If this is the case it does not seem to make sense that Burchetts Green would share that cabinet with us given the geography.  Can the population served by cabinet 9 be verified.

Fifth, are there other alternatives that could be considered for Temple?  I understand that BDUK is not restricted to just upgrading cabinets in place and I was wondering what other alternatives that could be funded?   Could this include connecting us to Marlow via Bisham, or to the cabinet in Hurley, if this were less expensive?    In the case of Bisham there was some existing infrastructure that could be leveraged (we get our power from lines that come from Bisham where they have superfast Internet connected to Marlow)?   In the case of cabinet 7 in Hurley, there is only a distance of a couple hundred yards that would need to be trenched that could allow us to be connected to that already upgraded cabinet.  How is the process of looking at alternatives conducted? 

Sixth, related to the above, we have been told that for precedence reasons that BT Openreach will NEVER move people from one cabinet to another.   If one of the above alternatives were truly the most cost effective would it not be possible to encourage BT to do the right thing?

Seventh, We are going to do another round of flyers through Temple.  Once this is done would I be able to get access to the list of registrations from our village so we can target the folks that have not yet registered and leave the folks that have alone?

Eight, can we get maps of the users connected to Cabinet 9 per the one that I have from Marlow?  Also Cabinet 7 if possible?

Marlow Exchange Cabinet 19 


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