Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Indicative Costs

This chart provides an indicative cost comparison of the various high speed options discussed previously.  Note that they are rough guides!   What is presented is a three year cost that includes 36 monthly charges and all setup fees.

Two costs are shown for the Infinity (e.g.Fibre) option that is currently not available to Temple residents.  The first of the two lines includes the landline rental and the second does not.   If you do not need a landline then you should use the first line for your cost comparison.   If you need a landline, and would be paying for one in any case, then the second line should be used.

Interestingly the cost for the EE option, at the 25gb level, is more economical than the Infinity option (assuming that you don't need a landline).   If you need a landline then Infinity is the cheapest option by far.

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